October 11, 2015

By Guillermo Gutierrez

When To Stop And When To Keep Pushing

Your body actually tells you a lot of stuff, you just need to figure out how to listen to it properly. The thing is when you’re exercising, your body sends different signals that can indicate of whether or not it is still willing to push through with the amount of stress that you apply to it but unluckily, these signals become lost in translation, this is especially true for people who are new to exercising.
Now here’s what you need to know. Your body sends three levels of signals that you should take note of during and before exercises.
1. The second level
Most people will have experienced this stage where the body goes through the motions of minor fatigue. During the middle part of such range, the exhaustion will start to sink in and the natural response of your body would be for you to quit. However, it is recommended that you stick furthere for the burn.
2. The third level
Supposing you pushed through past the second level, now you are at an intense level where few athletes dare to venture. This is the part where your body just gives up in terms of functioning the way you want it to.
3. The first level
You are most likely familiar with the sensations that come with this particular level. This is where your body dictates if it is willing to go through the motions of exercising—if it is well enough or conditioned enough. You may find at times that you are pumping to go out for a run but your body just won’t seem to cooperate. Now of all the messages that your body will send out, this is probably the one thing to ignore (unless you really have been sick for a few days already). This is the stage where you break-free off your sluggishness and push your body to work.


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